"I have been studying yoga with Andy McDonald, for over two years. 

Andy embodies the true meaning of a yoga master teacher. 

His classes are designed to nurture the well being of each student, rather a beginner or advanced. 

He has the ability to "read" a class, giving each student what they need. He draws out the inner potential of ...

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 ... each student, in a gentle, encouraging manner, along with a sense of humor. He guides us through the asanas, with wisdom and humility. He nurtures and respects each student and is so generous, with his time. 

His classes have such a nice flow and it is obvious an intention has been set, for each class. Classes are challenging, gentle and rejuvenating.  It is not rare, to hear beginners and advanced students, talking after class, about how Andy's classes are absolutely transforming their lives. 

My yoga journey with Andy, has been the greatest gift, in my life. I am grateful."   ---  P.S.

"I have studied yoga with Andy McDonald for three years, and I continually recommend attending his classes to everyone I know. Not only do I "swear by" yoga as the ultimate health system for body and mind, but I also endorse Andy as the ideal yoga teacher.

I describe his teaching this ancient form of wisdom as a ...

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... "gentle challenge". While many American yoga instructors have added western modes to their approaches, I see Andy as a teacher of the true purpose of yoga: to unite body, breath, and mind for the benefit of every practitioner. No matter who walks into the studio, Andy has the needed instruction for all his students regardless of gender, age, or experience. With a quiet, steady voice, he guides us all to our ultimate physical abilities and mental capacities. He tells us, shows us and encourages us. How can we ever fail? We can't!

I personally have become a more resilient person in body, mind, and spirit over these three years and Andy's classes have helped me in too many ways to mention here. I just say that I have total trust and respect for Andy, the ideal yoga teacher. (As a teacher of 35 years, that is saying a lot!)  Thank you."   ---   C.C. 

" Andy's one private lesson was worth 3 years of my individual yoga practice in studios.  

I gained incredible understanding of the gap between ...

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... my body and my brain --- what I thought  my body was doing was not, and I learned how to adjust and focus, in a very subtle but powerful way. "   ---   K.N.